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I Would defiantly recommend Sharmaine, for myself as well as for others, I met her at one of her very own hosted events and that day was so powerful! I thought it was really amazing how she was able to help some guests release some past hurt and issues. I left feeling like I just drop a ton of bricks off🤣🤣 I was able to say that I had release some hurt, that I was still holding on too! Forever grateful #MyIntent will be to Stay Focused

Monique Hines

My wife and I have been married 3 years and it was hard from the start. We’ve both been divorced before so this was not our first time trying to make a marriage work. This time was not going well either. My wife had 1 affairs, she left 2  times, and marriage counseling was a disaster. We were on the brink of divorce again. Then we met Ezra and Sharmaine and starting having group meeting that made us comunicate our wants and needs better which has help us to build our marriage strugger.


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Hi Ezra,
For months my ex-husband has been pressing my buttons. I kept getting furious with him, and when I tried to get space he would keep pushing me. Well - after our last session, I have spoken to him and he was amazed and genuinely taken aback at my specific requests and my taking responsibility for my anger. He complimented me on my insight and promised to respect my need for space if I requested it. I'm really quite surprised, and wanted to write and thank you.

Danielle 37